16 June 2007

General Stark Mountain (part 2)

The Long Trail

Camel's Hump State Forest

Part 2, continuing from the first half.
A little more view from further along.

A little reminder of what I am not prepared for and should be when hiking in the east. I hadn't even occurred to me to bring rain gear for the trip, must less for a hike that started with such a clear sky. These never did get to be threatening that particular day.

General Stark Mountain

The Long Trail

Camel's Hump State Forest

Locate the trailhead.

Finally on my own with my own car in Vermont, I could go out hiking. Not that I went very far. A short way down state route 17 from Irasville where we were staying is The Long Trail. General Stark is 2.3 miles along and Massachusetts is just 155.6 miles away.

Going up, occasionally there would be an opening to see the view.

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