09 November 2009

Ridge Lakes (more ice)

Lassen Volcanic National Park

These are pictures of the lake ice, which I thought was pretty cool with all its variation, but maybe I just don't see a lot of lake ice.

Incoming ice.
Another look at a small stream of water coming into the lake.

A log frozen into the ice.
A log frozen into the lake and further on, some strange bubbles.

Organic litter at the edge of the lake.
Pine cones and lichen and things frozen into the edge of the lake.

Logs in the lake.
More logs frozen into the lake.

Twigs in the ice.
Twigs frozen into the ice by the shore.

The bit of land between the lakes.
The rocky bit of land between the lakes has some water flow so some of it isn't totally ice over.

The bit of land between the lakes.
And some more detail of the break between the lakes.

Clear water.
That bit of clear water again. Closer, there are interesting ripples in the ice.

Interesting ice growth.
A bit of ice that may have been broken through and then regrown from the existing ice rather than altogether. It looks like water has flowed onto the older ice and frozen as well.

Water under the ice.
Water under the ice.
The water under the ice ebbs and flows.

Trees reflected in the ice and clear water.
The trees across the lake reflected in the water and the ice. Also shows the interesting edge to the ice where the water is still open.

All kinds of texture in the ice.
All kinds of different freezing patterns can be seen in the lake.

Closeup of ordered ice.
A closeup of the more ordered ice growing out in crystalline patterns.

And when finished recording the lake in great detail, I hiked back.

©2009 Valerie Norton
Posted 15 November 2009

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