26 July 2012

Sulphur Works

Lassen Volcanic National Park

We stopped at the Sulphur Works where the highway crosses a hydrothermal area and we could have a quick look at steam vents and boiling mud. It stinks a bit and the rocks seem to have taken on a bright yellow in many places around it.

boiling mud by the side of the road
Just off to the side of the road, a mudpot bubbles and boils quite noisily. Click here to hear it.

steam vent
A steam vent in the dirt above the bubbling mudpot.

everything is yellow
The rocks are stained yellow above the stream of runoff from the Sulphur Works.

red and yellow stained rocks
Rocks above the Sulphur Works pick up both reds and yellows.

©2012 Valerie Norton
Posted 2 Aug 2012

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