01 May 2005

Trail Canyon Trail

Angeles National Forest

Locate the trailhead.

Trail Canyon Trail is apparently named for the canyon named for itself. I guess I should put in directions for getting to places, but this one is over by Condor Peak, and the more active ones of us can make a twelve mile day hike of the peak and the canyon in a loop. Consult your local guidebook for the secret to the old entrance to the trail to Condor Peak, or you'll have an extra 1.5 miles.
But more importantly, this trail starts at the end of a quarter mile dirt road that is... quite passable, so long as there's no one to pass going the other way. Plenty of parking and trees at the end, but don't block anyone's driveway.

Pass the couple of cabins and you'll be on your way into the trackless wilderness. And if it's really trackless, you're going the wrong way. The trail is very easy to follow. Pick your season right and you'll have a floral display. May may be a little late, but we still got some flowers.

A bit of thistle, a late season flower anyway.

Some more purple flowers standing tall in the sand.

Also, the trail does indeed follow a canyon, as advertised, with the usual fast growing hardwoods. And possibly an Antonio behind one of them.

Small segment of creekbed.

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