14 April 2007

Rubio Canyon

Angeles National Forest

Locate the trailhead.

Rubio canyon is a particularly short hike heading out from a street corner on a right-of-way between houses. Just up Lake, then onto Palm Ln. to Maiden Ln. (which sort of merges in), then through a slew of roads all named Rubio to find a trail up a tiny canyon with many, many waterfalls. It used to have a few more, but the water company dropped a few tons of rocks on most of them a couple decades ago. A few years ago, Mother Nature dropped 11 inches of rain on the mess in less than a day which the rocks couldn't hold. The large falls were uncovered, but the lower small falls are still invisible.

Start of the trail between two houses at the corner.
The trail heads out from a neighborhood corner. Decorated with a warning sign thanks to the local water company. A great little hike if you can ever get the boy off the phone.

Once we got the boy off the phone, we got started down a rather warm trail along a rather south facing slope. The first half of the trail continued along this slope with one tough spot.

Most of the fisrt half of the trail is about like this.
Fairly flat trail heading up the left side of the northeast heading canyon. The first half of the trail was mostly like this.

01 April 2007

Colby Trail from Big Tujunga

Angeles National Forest

Locate the trailhead.

Abbie and I decided to go hiking around Strawberry Peak. There was a small bit of effort to find the correct turn for the trailhead, but it worked out quickly enough. We started out hiking along Big Tujunga Creek with, again, a little bit of effort to locate the proper trail. Many people go just for the creek, so there were many routes that weren't correct. Eventually it sorted itself out and we were traveling along the trail up the mountain.

trailhead marker
Starting off on a well signed trail.

nude trees in the basin of Big Tujunga Creek
A little bit of climbing and there's a view through the trees of the creek bed below.

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