24 November 2007

Red Rock

Los Padres National Forest

Locate the trailhead.

There's been some fires in the backcountry for a month or two and their effects could be seen near Paradise Road on the way to Red Rock, even a little bit on the river side of the road. There was also a bit of construction on the last river ford forcing us to park a bit before the parking lot and navigate bulldozed areas and pumping equipment to get to the trail. Thanks to the fires and it being just about along the fire road, the trail also required navigating bulldozed areas if a little less extreme in the bulldozing.

Well established fire road.
A nice wide trail thanks to the fire road being reestablished, but no actual burn around here.

The river is just a series of puddles, though many of them are quite deep.

Deep pool along the river that isn't doing any particular amount of flowing.
A deep pool along the generally dry Santa Ynez River.