02 January 2008

Rattlesnake Canyon

Santa Barbara front country

Locate the trailhead.

Somewhere along the windy bit that is Las Canoas Road off of Mission Canyon Road is Skofield Park and Rattlesnake Canyon, which is apparently part of Skofield Park.

Sign starting the trail up Rattlesnake Canyon in Santa Barbara's front country.
Start of the trail up Rattlesnake Canyon. Well, the one one the west side of the creek, anyway.

This trail is an old standby from childhood. That is, we must have been on the start of this thing at least a dozen times. As is typical of front country trails, continuing on the trail can be a challenge at times. A little ways up, the trail goes straight while a bulldozer width trail turns right up the hillside. It goes a short way up to a road and fencing and, believe it or not, a bulldozer. There's an okay view from it too.

Seminary and city below.
A short offshoot of trail leads to a view of some of the city below and St. Mary's Seminary.

01 January 2008

hikes of 2008

 Rattlesnake Canyon, Santa Barbara front country: Jan 2

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 Condor Peak and some Mt. Gleason, Angeles National Forest: Feb 10

 Rubio Canyon, Altadena front country: Apr 13

 San Ysidro, Santa Barbara front country: May 31

 Arroyo Seco to Switzer Falls, Los Padres National Forest: Jun 28

 Chorro Spring, Los Padres National Forest: Aug 30

 Raspberry Spring, Los Padres National Forest: Aug 31

 Reyes Peak, Los Padres National Forest: Aug 31

 Upper Rancho Oso, Los Padres National Forest: Oct 4

 Grizzly Flat, Angeles National Forest: Oct 25

 Henninger Flat, Angeles National Forest: Nov 9

 Mt. Woodson from Lake Poway, San Diego County: Nov 16

 Red Rock, Los Padres National Forest: Dec 27

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