13 April 2008

Rubio Canyon

Angeles National Forest

Locate the trailhead.

One day short of a year from the last go, and we're off again. Well, fewer than before. We're out to see the falls and the day is just a bit clearer. As we went up the canyon, there was actually water along the bottom, we could hear it. Also, we could see it for a short bit where it came up in the litter of rocks at the bottom when the trail hits there.

We powered our way right on past the first waterfall and up the canyon on the side looking to see where we could get to. Instead of going along the first trail to the left, we kept going up the bottom of the steep, narrow canyon. Further up there was another trail going off toward the various falls that are promised to be up there. Now anyway.

Up and up and up we went. Finally there was a low road that looked at least as well traveled as the one still heading straight up. What we found was a big waterfall.

100+ foot falls.  Once, anyway.
Thelehaha (top) and Roaring Rift (below) falls: Beyond where we got to last year is a very tall waterfall. By the accounts of the climbers, I've missed a couple waterfalls between here and lunch last time.

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