27 December 2008

Red Rock

Los Padres National Forest

Locate the trail head.

We drove to the end of Paradise Road to stop by Red Rock for a little hiking. It turned out to be very short, indeed. We only went a little way up the river before returning. I stopped by the rock that attracts many people and sketched before we left again.

A bit of the large rock in the river.
The top of the large red rock in the river.

more red rock with salt
Red layers of rock with a bit of salt or lime.

green mountains
Green mountain sides surround the red rocks.

sketch of the rocks
A sketch of the big, red rocks of the river.

Afterward, we stopped by Nojoqui Falls since it had rained recently, but were disappointed with the flow that didn't seem to have improved with the rain.

©2008,2012 Valerie Norton
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