31 January 2009


Just one bit of hiking with sketches for the month, but they weren't presented in the post for that hike so I'll put them here.

Echo phone on Echo Mountain.

Sighting tubes at Inspiration Point, drawn in the dark without a lamp.

11 January 2009

Echo Mountain and Inspiration Point

Angeles National Forest

Locate the trailhead.

Echo Mountain is the most popular local trek. Easy to find at the top of Lake, the other main street after Colorado in Pasadena. Even on weekdays, it can be a little bit crowded so on this gorgeous and warm, but not too warm, winter Sunday saw a veritable highway of people going up and down. The trail heads up 2.7 miles to the mountain and then three trails split off from there to go further up. I took the third one that you come to in the space of 50 yards just before getting to the location of the ruins of the old hotel and trains.

The trail itself is mostly out in the open on a southerly slope with some amount of westerly slope visits. It can be quite hot in the summer, especially in the afternoon. Of course, on a clear day this affords rather grand views of the city. On a very clear day, there's even ocean out there to be seen. This was a very very clear day.

Altadena, Pasadena, LA, Catalina, Pacific Ocean from the bottom to the top.
A clear day in Los Angeles. The shinny thing is the Pacific Ocean, of course. Past the point on the left is Catalina Island, a scant 75 miles away. Altadena and Pasadena in the foreground. A little Eagle Rock and the Hollywood hills further on. Downtown LA in the center sticking out of the flat sprawl all around it as usual. A little of Glendale can be picked out. All sorts of other cities, some of which are really just LA by another name, can also be seen.

The trail climbs steadily up the edge of Los Flores Canyon wrapping around to Rubio Canyon, the peak being between these two. It's well maintained and, like I said, well traveled. The wide, fairly smooth trail bed has no tough spots to get through except if it's too hot to be hiking in which case the lack of shade can be quite tough.

Trail winding up the east side of Los Flores Canyon.
Los Flores Canyon on the way up to Echo Mountain from Lake Ave. The surrounding country is a bit green although water hasn't been plentiful yet.

01 January 2009

hikes of 2009

 Echo Mountain and Inspiration Point, Angeles National Forest: Jan 11

 Nira, Los Padres National Forest: Feb 1

 Waterfalls of Altadena, la petit tour, Altadena front country and Angeles National Forest: Feb 14

 Fish Creek Canyon, Duarte front country: Mar 7

 Monrovia Canyon, Monrovia Canyon Park: Apr 5

 Rustic Canyon, Will Rogers and Topanga Canyon State Parks: Apr 12

 Switzer Falls, Angeles National Forest: Apr 25

 Bridge to Nowhere, Angeles National Forest: May 3

 Icehouse Canyon, Angeles National Forest: May 31

 Alder Creek, Angeles National Forest: Jun 14

 Upper Solstice Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area: Jun 21

 Echo Mountain, Altadena front country: July 4

 Eaton Wash, Altadena front country: Aug 8

 Sawmill Mountain area, Angeles National Forest: Oct 3

 Inspiration Point, Angeles National Forest: Oct 10

 Hidden Valley, Joshua Tree National Park: Oct 17

 Lost Horse Mine, Joshua Tree National Park: Oct 17

 Keys Viewpoint, Joshua Tree National Park: Oct 17

 49 Palms, Joshua Tree National Park: Oct 18

 Cholla Cactus Garden, Joshua Tree National Park: Oct 18

 Cottonwood Spring, Joshua Tree National Park: Oct 18

 Henninger Flat, Pasadena front country: Nov 1

 Ridge Lakes, Lassen Volcanic National Park: Nov 9

 Devastated Area, Lassen Volcanic National Park: Nov 9

 Boiling Springs Lake, Warner Valley, Lassen Volcanic National Park: Nov 10

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