22 June 2006

Treman Gorge (Enfield Glen)

Robert H. Treman State Park

Finger Lakes area, Ithaca, New York

Locate the trailhead.

We were out in Ithaca to share the secrets of force detected NMR and plant a few seeds for the future and while John had us there, he wanted to show off how Ithaca is gorges. As they say. We were given bus passes to make our way up to Cornell and back down, but were encouraged to walk through the gorge back at least once, which we did. We also took a field trip one morning up to another of the local gorges. John (NY) didn't lead this one; I think it was Dan (IBM) who instigated it bringing along Dan (CIT) and John (UW) and a few of us helper bees in a couple of cars. It turns out the MRFM community values a moment surrounded by nature. We parked at the bottom and hiked up along the river, oohing and ahing the flows and chatting away.

a bit of stream seen through the foliage
Lots of dark, flat rocks make a natural flooring for the river bed.

a few feet of wide falls
Our first waterfall along the way.

water tumbling over
This seems like a lot of water to a SoCal gal. The large, flat rocks make a nice effect giving sheets of water.

rock with dry and wet spots showing the layered structure
The edge of a pool shows the many layers of the rocks, hard and soft, as does the not quite flat surface above the pool.

we walkin'
Dan, Dan, John, and the rest... The cliffs are impressive. Chopped nearly flat even though the slice is against the grain.

more layers along the side of the river
More very smooth cuts across the grain of the rock. Below, the river seems to be making a cut similar in style but not in quite the same location.

We were always on the move, so I tended to get behind when I grabbed the camera for photos. We crossed the bridge and climbed a bit for a good look at Lucifer Falls while a few wandered a bit higher, then collected again and made our way back to the cars and then Ithaca and then more thoughts on MRFM.

Lucifer Falls
The big waterfall, Lucifer Falls. And also, a good look at the extremely well maintained trail along the gorge edge.

bottom of the falls
The lower section of the falls and a bit of the swimming area.

©2006,2012 Valerie Norton
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glinda_w said...

Heh. I thought *I'd* been an instigator of this one, via long distance. *grin*