21 July 2007

Inspiration Point

Santa Barbara Front Country

Locate the trailhead.

My mother and I decided to hike up Jesusita to Inspiration Point. There is no actual Jesusita trailhead, it connects Arroyo Burro to Tunnel at points very close to the trailhead of each of those. I think that's how it works, anyway. It might share Arroyo Burro for a bit instead. We decided to go up from the west side at Arroyo Burro where parking is generally easier and the route is longer. Also, my mother seemed to be worried about dive bombing mountain bikers that are apparently more common on the other side of the trail which has some very fun steep sections.

big oaks along the trail
A bit of shade at the start of the trail.

looking through a tree over the ridges
Looking out over the ridges and trail and power lines.

turnoff for Jesusita trail
The trail turns off to cross the ridges instead of climb the mountains.

probably Cathedral Peak
The peak above the trail, which is mainly Cathedral Peak.

a bit of the city and reservoir below
Looking out over the city, there is just a tiny bit of island visible today.

power lines along the mountains
The transmission lines transmitting over the foothills.

an outcrop of rocks
There's often a few rocks arising from the growth.

tightly winding trail
Many tight switchbacks along the trail.

a small cave
A bit of a cave along the trail.

trees along the trail
Lots of green and shade.

another intersection
Another intersection with Jesusita marked.

the peak again
Cathedral Peak again, I expect, from low on the trail.

destinations for the trail
The sign at the start showing destinations along Jesusita Trail.

A collection of roads and trails, some of them the route of Jesusita, offer a number of choices for the route to and from Inspiration point.

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