02 February 2008

Trail Canyon Trail

Angeles National Forest

Locate the trailhead.

Myself and a crew of one decided to head up to Trail Canyon to see the waterfall about two miles along. He offered to drive up there, but I knew he wouldn't like to have his car on the last bit of road so I insisted on driving. When we got out he confirmed that he wouldn't have wanted to drive down that road and I probably shouldn't either. Unfortunately for my car, my philosophy is that it exists to get me where I want to go, and if that means a rough but passable road, then that is what it will go down. There is some parking at the start of the road for those who do not wish to beat up their cars, but I have rarely seen it used. The public road stops just before the first crossing of the creek. I could only recall crossing the creek a couple times on the first trip up this canyon, this first crossing being one of those times. It was the hardest crossing, and the current water level made it especially difficult. The current water level also made the far more than a couple crossings after it quite obvious. We worked our way up the canyon, crossing the creek over and over and over again, eventually making that last crossing and started climbing up out of the canyon heading for the top of the waterfall.

waterfall view from atop the higher trail
After climbing, the trail turns a corner to reveal the waterfall below it.

Just before the waterfall, a steep use trail heads down to its foot, a chilly and snug spot in the canyon. Shortly after the waterfall, the trail drops down to cross the creek again, giving ample chance for hikers to visit the top of the falls. We did just that, following along the side of churning water in pools and cascades above the waterfall.

looking down the circular hole cut by the waterfall
Looking down the waterfall from on top of a large rock at the side of the fall.

a bit of torrid water
A bit of the water churning along the channel above the waterfall.

We then headed back down. I wanted to go down to the bottom but the crew didn't. I went down while the he stayed on the trail, but it wasn't long before he came down too. We posed for pictures and had snacks in the thunder of the waterfall. The top of waterfalls certainly are exciting, but the bottom is the place to feel the energy and power of the water flow past as the sounds torment the ear drums.

Trail Canyon Falls
A look at the falls from near the bottom of the use trail that visits its pool.

top of the waterfall coming over the edge
The waterfall coming over the hard rock edge into the rounded and smoothed hole below it.

me in front of the waterfall
Hey, actual hiking pants on me this time. Always keep to the light colors for better comfort in the sun.

After a while, we hiked back up the way we had come. Reaching the trail, we meandered back down. There was something of determination in our march up the trail. There seemed to be a bit of constant hope there wasn't another crossing, except for me when we were on the east side of the creek because I knew we had to end up on the west. Coming back, we knew there wasn't anything we couldn't handle so it was more leisurely and fun.

looking down the canyon
A look down into the canyon from when the trail is up high.

a small tributary cascading down the rocks
A little tributary making its tribute.

another look down the valley but from much lower
Another look down the valley. The high north slopes still have patchy snow visible.

water in the creek
Trees and brambles by the creek.

the single man crew
Mingshr about to demonstrate how easy the narrow wooden log bridges that are numerous are. I stick to the rocks.

feet and water and Mingshr
I didn't much like my rock crossing on this one and went ahead and took my shoes off to walk along the top of the flood control dam. The crew is indecisive as yet.

little bit of an old bridge
Almost back to the start where the remains of a bridge poke out over a ravine. This is what happens when you get really enthusiastic about walking out on high things.

And so, making it safely back to the car, we started it up and made our way back home.

©2008,2012 Valerie Norton
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