17 October 2009

Hidden Valley

Joshua Tree National Park

Locate the trailhead.

Hidden valley once served as a natural corral, according to the signs. The rocks completely surrounded the area and dynamite was used originally to open up a route to the inside. Now it is absolutely crawling with rock climbers. The inside serves as a nature trail with many informative signs telling much basic information about the flora and fauna of the area.

A big rock and a fellow atop it.
There was even some information here and there about today's most prevalent fauna, the weekend rock climber.

Some more climbers on their way up.
Some more climbers finding their way up a rock wall.

cholla cactus
Another cholla cactus, this one with a bit of green down under the needles.

Close up of another cholla cactus.
A closeup of another cholla cactus that also is looking very healthy.

Tree among the rocks.
Trees were growing in very odd places. They're different on the south side as the north and grow toward the rocks that gather what water is in the air at night.

yucca with dried flowers
The ordinary sorts of yucca, like these with their dried flower stalks, also grow among the Joshua trees.

dried flowers of yucca
Close up of the yucca flowers, well dried.

more rocks
Rocks about the opened up entrance (soon to be used as an exit).

more flora
More of the flora of the area, including a cactus.

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Posted 6 February 2010

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