08 December 2010

Ten Thousand Buddhas

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has all kinds of steep hills, so there are plenty of urban hikes that are a bit of work even if they aren't so long. The trek up to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is short but steep and has a semi-urban route choice for returning. The main route is watched over by one after another large golden Buddha states each individually produced to represent a specific person.

the first few life sized buddhas
Entering the grounds, the path is suddenly lined with life sized statues.

monkey on a buddha head
The monkeys don't care. They hang out in the nearby greenery or on a Buddha head.

more monkeys
Simple fencing does not keep the monkeys at bay.

buddhas along the steep path
Climbing the small steps or the ramp, the path along the Buddhas is quite steep.

painted buddhas
Some of the Buddhas are painted with a little bit more than just gold.

buddhas with flowers in their hair
Many of the Buddhas are in a more Indian style.

Once the hill is climbed, there are a number of buildings to wander around and even more Buddhas to see. Some buildings are higher than the main buildings, so a little more climbing is required for complete exploration.

smaller buddhas set in windows in a tall tower
A tall tower, just a little too tall for my camera, houses yet more Buddhas.

a very large buddha indeed
Other buildings house Buddhas of all sizes.

butterfly on the floor below even more buddhas
Some more wildlife coming to see the smaller Buddhas that line the walls.

buddhas as landscaping
Some Buddha get to sit in a greener location.

turtles and carp
At the very highest along the paths, there was a little pond.

buddha on a dragon
I guess Buddhas get to ride dragons too, as this one by the fountain does.

red and yellow with black separations on its wings butterfly
I found another butterfly at the fountain.

painted buddhas
Heading back down the path, which has somewhat more realistically painted Buddhas.

peppers drying at the feet of the statues
Every once in a while, there is a little evidence that people go about their daily lives here.

incense and buddhas
Coming back down to the main level, I walked around a little more. To the right, incense burns in a pot of sand.

buddha riding a tiger
A few Buddha had an animal to ride upon. The fellow on the left looks incredibly good natured.

I had walked up by the path directed by the Lonely Planet guide, but there was another harder to find path. It is easy to find from the top, so I took this second path back down. It came through much greenery and did not have the lining of Buddha that the way up had.

green upon green
So much green there's green growing on green.

©2010,2012 Valerie Norton
Posted 14 March 2012

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