13 February 2012

In and around Cromer

Norfolk, United Kingdom

This isn't really a hike, just a walk around the city looking at the various buildings that reside generally in the city center. Around the church, there are a museum and lots of shops and some repurposed buildings and some that are just old or at least built in an older style. I walked down the the center and around the church and the old not sure what, then hiked along the beach back to the lighthouse to grab my stuff and get myself onto the train.

On down the street are apartments while closer at hand are more apartments but they were once a school at a guess. This entrance says "boys" over it.

boys entrance
The boys entrance for what I guess might have been a school.

infants entrance
The infants entrance. Maybe it was a children's hospital.

girls entrance
The entrance to the former school or hospital or whatever for girls.

local church
The church has been built of the local stones cut to regular sizes and shapes and seems a lot of work.

church and graveyard and museum
The museum next to the church is a modern building with bricks at the corners and uncut local stones set in cement for the wall.

church windows
A closer look at the church details and stonework.

monument at the back of the church
A monument to good deeds by a fellow long dead around the back of the church.

royal navy museum and such
Back to Cromer's main connection to the ocean. There's a Royal Navy Museum with working boats hanging out in front. Further on, more sheds along the edge of the cliff.

lifeboat cafe
The Lifeboat Cafe and some more boats hooked up to tractors for launching on the beach.

birds perched on the basket at the end of a sea wall
The tide is currently fairly high, so the fully exposed walls with their baskets high above are covered over leaving just the bit of wall far up the beach and the baskets.

beach at high tide
Down the ramp at the end of the cement boardwalk and onto the rocky beach.

looking back at town
Taking a look back at the city while walking on the beach.

child and dog playing on the beach
A young girl and dog and mother out on the beach for some moments of play. I'm now hiking up the stairway and trail to the lighthouse.

mushroom by the steps
A cute little mushroom growing up beside the wood that defines this step.

city park
The city park also gets a bit of use on lovely, or mostly lovely, days.

another building
One last lovely building before leaving Cromer.

another villiage and another church
Zooming past community after community on the train, each one with its own church and each church with a slightly different tower.

©2012 Valerie Norton
Posted 9 March 2012

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