05 May 2013

Hostetter Fire Road

Verdugo Mountains

La Tuna Canyon Park

I headed down to the Volunteer Fire Lookout training and, since it's easy, decided to stick around overnight to hit the trail, or rather the fire road, with the geeks the next day. It's a bit of a dreary and hot hike usually, the sort taken for exercise rather than the great sights, but this day had the weatherman threatening rain. We really had some sprinkles at the start too.

looking down over Sunland, a section of Los Angeles
Getting a bit of the way up the mountains and looking back over Sunland below. Lovely clouds are keeping it all nice and cool. The bee hives are still here.

ladybug on buckwheat
A ladybug upon a bit of buckwheat by the side of the road.

The road joins the route at the top and we stopped shortly after that, looking down on the familiar shape of trails that are Wildwood Canyon Park. It was declared that we shall not go to the top because of the inverse square law. (There is a communications site at the top.) We chatted a bit and wandered back down.

Burbank and Wildwood Canyon Park
At the top, we look down over Burbank. The paths through the near hills are Wildwood Canyon Park.

fire road below
Heading back down along the treeless expanse of the fire road.

A couple of us decided to have a look at the bees as we went past before finishing up with the hike again. The weren't really visible from the road, but once near the hives, there was quite a swarm.

bees at the entry to one of the hives
This hive had quite a lot of activity at the entry, with bees appearing to do the things they do to communicate with each other.

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Posted 6 May 2011

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