04 August 2013

Los Liones

Topanga State Park

Locate the trail head.

After neglecting the trail for about a year, the LA section of Hike the Geek decided to hike Los Liones Canyon up to Parker Mesa. The marine layer over the ocean continues, so the start isn't too bad as we make the wiggles up through the canyon on the narrow trail.

low clouds over fairly brown chaparral
The chaparral is looking pretty brown and grey under the cover of low clouds.

looking down the canyon to the parked up road below
The parking for the trail and trail head below.

As we reach the fire road, the area is quite crowded. After a while talking and taking in the view, it is time to start up the fire road and see if the group will follow. Soon the group is climbing up out of the clouds and coming into views, but also a bit of heat. There is a bland house farm off to the north and a few castles dot the area.

looking along the road along the edge of the clouds
Climbing up higher allows for some views, but once in the sun it starts to get warm.

fire road from above
Still foggy back the way we came and over Santa Monica.

Coming to the intersection between the fire road and spur to Parker Mesa, we wait a bit for the last of the group to catch up again, then head back into the edge of the fog.

road along the next ridge
Destinations further along the fire road.

geeks with umbrellas
Geeks trying to start a new trend, but it probably won't even catch on among ourselves.

Waves of fog wash over us as we spend some time on the mesa. There are moments when we can catch a glimpse of the ocean waves crashing on the shore below, but mostly it is grey in that direction. Beautiful blue skies with wisps continue in the other direction. Our nominal leader had demanded a shorter route back and I had pointed out there was one and attempted to warn about it, but had forgotten how steep it got in places. Still, use trails along ridges are very reliable in having steep sections. The result, I point at the short way and we start down it.

Santa Monica
There is an ocean out there in front of Santa Monica.

geeks making their way down the edge of the ridge
Careful maneuvering down the edge of the ridge line.

There were mixed opinions of the trail down. It's nice to have a different way down, it is shadier, but there seems to be a constant risk of life and limb.

©2013 Valerie Norton
Posted 6 August 2013

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