03 October 2013

Thorn Point

It is time to leave for Grade Valley, where I will meet with a group of volunteers to help cut through the nine trees that are currently on the trail to Thorn Point.  Well, I would be, if it weren't that volunteers are not free.  Even when the forest has been cash strapped for so long that they now have well trained volunteers to wrangle their volunteers, volunteers are not free.  While we are working, we keep dispatch up to date on our status, but the skeleton crew at dispatch need to focus on the skeleton crew of fire and law enforcement left in the forest.  While we are working for them, the Forest Service insures us on their own self insurance.  If we get hurt, it is a new bill to the Forest Service, and they are not allowed to run up new bills so they can't take the chance of having us work.


Derek (100 Peaks) said...

This is a bummer. I was just up there. Are these the trees near the ridge just below the top? The trails seemed pretty clear most of the way.

Valerie Norton said...

I haven't been up since the first time over a year ago and am just one of the peons in this project. I'm not sure where the trees are actually located.