30 January 2014

Gold Hill Guard Station

I took to the hills to try my hand at microtrash cleanup.  The poor old guard station was removed perhaps 50 years ago and what is left is a turnout that has been claimed by target shooters.  This makes a lot of microtrash, and rather macrotrash, to clean up.  The shooting is illegal and this is a particularly bad spot since it is next to the only road out for anyone up on the mountain.  This situation is particularly evident to me since I have once spent time up on that mountain trying to determine if the billowing smoke meant my exit was cut off.  You can read about the cleanup on the ForestWatch web site.  (Pictures too!)

The good: You get to go into a wonderful area.  Sweet Piru is flowing nearby.  That's a creek that holds great promise of adventures.

The bad: The actual area you go to has had people working very hard to make it somewhat less than wonderful and you don't get to wander around very much.

The indifferent: Looked like there was a ranger waiting to close the gate as we left.  Indifferent because the gate at Piru is already closed and bicycles still work on all those roads.

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