23 February 2014

Ranger Peak

Los Padres National Forest

Locate the trailhead.

After finishing the backpacking, I had one more thing I wanted to do, if there was light. I wanted to go up Ranger Peak. There is no trail up the peak, but it is close to the road and there is a very serviceable fuel break heading up it. Parking in the wide turnout at the junction with Pinery Rd. is easy to find. It turns out I am not even the only one doing it and I end up with a happenstance hiking companion. From here, it is a sometimes steep climb up about a quarter mile to the top. At the top, it is a great view, perfect for discovering poachers.

the extension of the fuel break to the south
The fuel break extends down the ridge to the south where the Ranger Peak Trail joins it.

dried grass hills to the west
The hills to the west. Still more dried grass where there should be flowers.

the top of Ranger Peak and Hurricane Deck
Looking north toward Hurricane Deck over the top of Ranger Peak.

I take it very slowly on the way down, searching just a bit to the left of the fuel break for a section corner. It does not seem to be there anymore, or at least it is not sticking up above the duff. In the short time I have been gone, I got a video under left under my windshield wiper. Okay, my happenstance hiking companion may have mentioned leaving it after he went back to for something he forgot. We all have our odd things to do, it seems.

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Posted 28 February 2014

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