31 May 2014


There have been quite a few efforts at outdoor sketches this month.  At least in the latter half of the month.

Trying to beat the heat, but it is still hot sitting on this rock by the ocean.

While hiking the northernmost bit of trail on the west side of Gaviota State Park.

A little lunch painting while on the Sespe River Trail.

Taking in the shallow Fishbowls.

Another bit of sketching by the sea, this time at the harbor breakwater.

A sundial with no dial and a bit of nearby tree in the park.  By the ocean.

Below Tar Pits Park just because.  There again a few days later.

Up on the bluffs of Tar Pits Park.

Hiked to Toro Ridge and looked down on Carpinteria.

At Lookout Park before going to Rincon.

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