06 July 2014

Cloudripper: Green Lake

Inyo National Forest

Locate the trailhead.

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The night cleared up from time to time, but the morning is changing quickly, clouding over and clearing up. There are a few more drops, but it is hard to notice them. There is nothing left but the short hike out and the long drive home, so we are reluctant to get up. On the other hand, the weather is threatening, so there is motivation to get packed up.

still and overcast Green Lake
The weather may be churning above, but below it is still on Green Lake in the morning.

Eventually the weather looks threatening enough to motivate movement. We say goodbye to the purple pine cones and start down.

line of trail below Green Lake
Walking out past the sturdy pines that populate the timber line.

male pine cones
The male pine cones are a bit purple at a distance.

Brown Lake
Looking down on Brown Lake and getting a little behind those who are crossing the marshy section below toward the lake.

trail across marsh
The trail gets indistinct across the marsh, but keep going forward without turning and there should be a dry trail on the far side of the muddy rocks.

At Brown Lake, I am getting a bit behind, but some movement catches my eye. Something much smaller than a marmot is moving around out there making a living.

side view of small rodent
One of the residents of holes around Brown Lake.

After watching the critters scamper and eat for a while, I get moving again, across the last bit of flat and down the switchbacks to the resort below.

back to the trail
Now Basin Mtn. and Mt. Tom occupy the view out the end of the valley.

lush mountain side
A lush mountain side sits above us as we get low.

onions in the meadow
Back to the little meadows near the start of the trail, there are plenty of blooms like these onions and Indian paintbrush.

The threatening weather did nothing more than threaten on the way down. Now I can add one to my peak list. A couple of the fellas settled in for a beer at the ranch before finally heading out.

©2014 Valerie Norton
Posted 9 July 2014

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