29 January 2015

Figueroa Lookout

Los Padres National Forest

sign to say one has arrived at the lookout
The sign and lookout at the top of Figueroa Mountain.

There is a little dirt road to the top of Figueroa Mountain, rough in places but passable to most cars, that leads up to the fire lookout. My only difficulty in getting up it is that the firefighters were out clearing the deadfall and parked anywhere even when the road was narrow. There are also picnic tables and bathrooms and, further out from the top, a small nature trail and campgrounds. I visited the lookout and took in some of the views. The lookout is fairly modern made of cinder block and metal and looks in good shape, at least from the outside. It has a nasty looking perimeter fence to keep out the commoners.

FIGUEROA benchmark
The station benchmark set in 1941.

Figueroa Lookout
The lookout and accompanying garage.

Figueroa Lookout
The lookout from the other side.

Hurricane Deck and San Rafael Mountain
Looking toward Hurricane Deck and San Rafael Mountain.

Zaca Mountain
Zaca Mountain, which also has a road out along it and intersects one part of the Condor Trail that is actually signed.

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Posted 3 February 2015

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