28 February 2015


The month's few sketches.

One upon reaching the top of Cherry Creek Road.  

And another while at Ortega Camp.

The islands in a sea of fog from Little Pine Mountain.


Unknown said...

Hi Valerie - The Upper Upper Matilija sketch shows a peak on the far left with a mole on top. Is that the rock on top of that far peak? If that is the same one I heard that peak called Matilija Peak. Great sketch. I love it.


Unknown said...

Nice Work Valerie! I really like the sketches, supper talented, it is just awesome that you took the time to get out and do these, keep up the great work!!!

Valerie Norton said...

Bryan: Objects in sketches may become oversized, but there did seem to be a funky rock on top of that far peak. I may have to add that to my list of crazy spots to try to get to.

Thanks for the encouragement, John.

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