30 May 2015

Malibu Bluffs Park


Stopping by Malibu Bluffs on the way home from Los Angeles almost proves difficult as one of the baseball fields has a ball game going on. One spot in across from an immaculate Bentley remains. Well it is Malibu. Most the rest of the cars actually fit better with my own cheap vehicle decorated by birds. The sign promises bluffs, but all we see are ball fields. We make our way past play equipment, pausing at a zip line like thing until noticing it is for "children 12 and under only". At the end of the path, there are some picnic tables and past the last one, a path into the shrub. It drops downward to a plateau below and mom is unhappy with some of the steeper spots, especially since the local bluffs have taught her to expect rather flat areas. After a silly bridge, we are at the edge of another downhill that drops down the the level of a row of houses by the sea. We can hear the waves breaking.

waves crashing at the feet of the houses
A single row of houses lines the edge of the coast with the waves crashing under their stilts.

The path splits. The left side drops down again to the houses below, but we choose the right and follow the edge of the bluff to the west. The way is now quite flat. The trail has to curve away to the north and back down to keep flat and by the edge.

Pepperdine University watering the grass
Up the hill is Pepperdine University.

flat trail along flat bluff
The trail behind us is nice and flat.

We come to a bigger gap and again the trail drops down to an entry from the road below. I poke around that way. It looks like it may stay more wet down in the bottom of this larger gap.

Flowers along the edge of the bluff. These are not by the moist looking areas.

sun getting low over Malibu houses
The sun gets low over the row of houses below the large gap.

We turn back and follow the trail back to the bridge, then turn along a new one. Trails in a place like this are a bit of a choose your own adventure. This one climbs much more slowly back up to the area with the ball fields. We come out on the far side of the fields and circle back around to the car.

much color
Even in the dry, this area can have a fair bit of color.

©2015 Valerie Norton
Posted 4 June 2015

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