15 September 2015

Ventura foothills


I took advantage of a minor break in the heat to explore the hills behind Ventura. Here are a few photos from that wandering.

Ventura Harbor
Looking down on the Ventura Harbor when just starting out.

west to the pier and hotel
Some recognizable buildings a little west.

north mountains
The trails follow the ridges and pipeline, so lots of views over canyons and to the taller mountains to the north.

brown hills
Looking back across the hills toward the trail I came up along.

There was a benchmark I wanted to go after, placed at a radio station. I hoped it might be outside the area of the station since it was placed with or after that, but of course it was not. No benchmark for me.

house farms near the 126
The neighborhoods on the way inland along the 33.

The harbor, one of the high schools, the base, the freeway, it is all out there.

wide trail
Following a guy pushing a stroller up the dirt path.

hills and mountains
Another look over the hills.

coiled rattlesnake
A rattlesnake gave me a performance.

sun setting
Sun setting through the clouds from the big V on the hills.

©2015 Valerie Norton
Posted 3 Oct 2015

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