11 June 2016

Atmore Meadows

Angeles National Forest

The line on the map has intrigued me, so now is an opportunity to check it out. The road from the saddle is easy enough for high clearance, but the road down to the meadow is marked as closed and unsafe to travel. Without a gate to close, there are plenty of tracks past the sign anyway.

start here
The end of truck travel. Take the left fork for the meadows and the right for a closed gate in a few feet.

Tehachapi Mountains
It is clearer today. Looking to the Tehachapi Mountains to the north before heading south.

We take the bikes although the road looks fine from here. Although mostly downhill, we have to ride generally uphill to get over a shoulder before getting to the business of dropping to the meadows below.

looking back after the climb
Looking back to the start of the ride after the initial climb.

The shoulder has a faint road out along it. A post marked "Atmore" sits beside it. It is curious, but we continue down the current road.

Atmore post
Vanishing road past a post.

Amore below
Over the shoulder, there is an new view down the canyon.

Once over the shoulder, it is a downhill zoom to the bottom. A bit of water is a bit of a surprise although I had noticed a spring marked just above the road at one spot. Some of the tire marks stop and turn around and then there is quite a rough spot in the road. This is probably the part that is unsafe to travel and it probably is for most. Plenty of other tracks do continue through and it nothing to the bicycles.

encroaching willows
This road needs a little more traffic to help keep the willows back as it gets to the bottom of the canyon.

There is a little bit of uphill to actually get to the meadows. More noticeable than the meadows are the cedar trees. They seem to be the only ones in the area, so are likely planted. There are a few camp sites in the area as the road ends.

Atmore Meadows
Cedar trees at Atmore Meadows.

Having found what is there, we turn to return. It is not a lot of work to get down here to see it, but it is plenty of work to get back after the curiosity is satiated. Climbing does give more time to take photos on the way.

meadow from above
Looking down at Atmore Meadows from the road.

wild rose
One of many wild roses near the spring.

water on the road
Water on the road is evidence the spring is real and running.

It is a lot longer to get up to the shoulder again, but once there, it is generally easy coasting all the way back to the car.

©2016 Valerie Norton
Posted 19 June 2016

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