11 June 2016

Burnt Peak

Angeles National Forest

It was starting to get hot as we finished climbing back up from Atmore Meadows, so it is nice to grab another thousand feet or so and start up Burnt Peak. Again, we are on bicycles. This one starts off downhill and has some steep uphills before more downhill.

Burnt Peak
The objective: Burnt Peak.

Sawmill Mountain
Getting low and looking back at Sawmill Mountain.

Looking west, I can just make out the road down to Atmore Meadows.

The final climb starts off steep, but then levels off to a typical road slope. We slowly twist our way to the top.

many folds in the land
It is a wrinkled land to the south.

purple pincushion
Interesting flowers along the way.

The road splits and I head left because I did not go that way before. It is the lesser traveled side. It climbs up and stops beside a small building near the fence around the FAA beacon. We climb to the flat area around the fence and continue around the top of the mountain to a nice spot.

Maxwell Road
Maxwell Trail, the ride of yesterday, winds downward in the distance.

FAA beacon
A monument of sorts to air traffic safety.

Mariposa lily
Mariposa lily at the peak.

bumble bees
The bumble bees were loving the nearby phacelia.

After a while, we continue around the top of the peak and return on the second road. It is a lot quicker back, even with the final uphill at the end. That final uphill is actually a lot easier than expected.

©2016 Valerie Norton
Posted 19 June 2016

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