10 February 2008

Vogel Flat area

Angeles National Forest

When I got back from the Condor Peak hike, it had gotten quite dark and the moon was overhead. I played with the camera a little bit.

Cresent moon in the night sky. Just letting the camera choose its own speed, the moon is easy to see. I was holding the camera against the car to try to get this at first. Since the shutter isn't open so long, it almost worked. Result was generally fuzzier than this.
Same ol' moon. After playing with night mode, I tried again with this normal picture setting but this time making it pause for a long time between the press of the shutter and the photo so I could take my hands away from the camera before the picture was taken leaving it just resting against something. Plants, in this case, which isn't ideal.
Longer exposure of the moon, zoomed, so that the dark areas are also a little bright. In between I played with the "night mode" which seemed to open the shutter for about six seconds. This turned out to be too long to try to hold the camera, even braced against something. That's when I found the plant to hold the camera for me. There's some fun moon smears from the efforts to hold the camera. This one is zoomed in so there's no mountains as well.
Longer exposure of the moon, not zoomed in so the edges of the mountains below can be made out from the little bit of light left behind the mountains.
Without the camera zoomed, the mountains were also in the frame. There was still a little bit of light coming from behind them so they can be made out in the long exposure that is "night mode".

©2008 Valerie Norton
Posted 23 February 2008

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