05 April 2009

Monrovia Canyon Falls

Monrovia Canyon Park

Locate the trailhead.

We took a second trip of Monrovia Canyon. This time we only did the small canyon with the falls, and not a bit of Sawpit that it is a tributary to. This makes the trail even shorter. We didn't quite do the shortest version, but it was very nearly so. As before, the trail is sometimes narrow, often wide, and always easy. It goes past the old flood control barriers...

An old flood control barrier.
Where there's a creek, there's flood control. Or it seams that way. Sometimes even very large double bits of flood control like this one.

The canyon has some of the more vertical sides in the neighborhood.

Tree roots going down a short vertical bit.
A short vertical bit that has been cut by the creek exposing the tree roots desperately holding on.

And then there's the falls at the end of it.

The whole of the falls in Monrovia Canyon.
The whole of the waterfall, which can be hard to get all at once in the camera since it is so tall with the cascade.

With such a short hike, there's plenty of time to do some drawing.

The sketch I did at the falls in Monrovia.
My sketch of the waterfall in the canyon.

The sketches Mingshr did at the falls in Monrovia.
Mingshr's watercolor sketch on the backs of business cards of waterfall and "watercolothes" in the canyon.

There was also time for playing with the camera a little.

The transition from cascade to falls.
Zooming in close on the transition as the water finishes the sheltered cascade and leaps out over the edge for the actual vertical portion of the falls.

The bottom of the falls and the pool there.
A long (for the light level, anyway) exposure of the bottom of the falls. Pebbles are still visible, it wasn't all that long an exposure.

Then it's back the way we came.

A bit of creek going off into the distance.
The creek flows wide (for the amount) and slow, shaded by the trees it keeps well watered. Though sometimes it looks more like this.

The roof of cliff left after a piece of the rock fell away below it.
At a widening, looking up finds a roof of rock high above. The old wall that stood below it scattered over the area in large and small pieces.

And just as soon as the walk took us to the falls, it is over. The artists were:

Me in front of the falls.
Mingshr on a tree below the crumbling cliff with a bit sticking out.

©2009 Valerie Norton
Posted 24 May 2009

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