25 April 2010

Henninger Flat

Angeles National Forest

I decided to head on up to Henninger Flats along the toll road this evening.  I need to walk more, after all.  Just past the two mile marker, I saw a nice tree full of flowers and sketched it.

Branch light on leaves and heavy with flowers.
A flowering tree along the road.

From there, I continued up to Henninger and a little bit further.  There were three deer in the campground and another one just outside it.  I went on up to where a road heads off to the west, quickly splitting into a numbered route and a road to a helicopter pad.  By then the sun was set.  I'd driven up to the start, hiked about three miles uphill, and got a sketch done in just a little more than two hours.

I took a good look around because it was still time for colors in the sky and I'd not been up that far and the road had just reached the edge of a ridge with the far side having a little different character from the side I'd been up.  Then I hiked back down.  It was shortly after 9PM when  I got back to the gate, locked sunset to sunrise.  It really was locked, so I had to backtrack to the other side of the bridge and follow the trail along the creek a little way before crossing and climbing out to my usual parking space along Altadena then hike back up the roads to the car.  It worked out and I got to lead a fellow who hadn't believed the sign along the shorter way back than going all the way down to the lot that is nearly to New York.

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