18 September 2010

Mount Wilson Toll Road

Angeles National Forest

It's been a while since the last bit of hiking somewhere.  I really should.  Just not really sure where and the forest is still closed.  I think there were some changes in exactly what is open, but it's hard to figure out.  The forest service page doesn't seem to bring people's attention to the fact it is closed and hasn't for some time.

I went up along the toll road a little and sketched the winding route along the side of the mountains from the intersection with the thing often referred to as the "horse trail" although I don't think I would want to ride a horse on it.  The mosquitoes were biting and I didn't have the repellent along, so I decided to go back down after sketching instead of continuing up to the top.

A stretch of the Mt. Wilson Toll Rd., no longer collecting tolls but not letting people drive up either.
Toll road twisting up the mountain.

Going up seemed easier than usual.  Perhaps the daily walks about 1.5 miles to and from school are helping out.  Perhaps it's just easier to go with an ultralight hydration system with a long sleeved shirt, scarf, light, and drawing packet tucked into the webbing than with a whole ultralight pack suitable for overnight travel with various emergency things (like mosquito repellent) stuffed in it.  I just got the self contained hydration system earlier today and wanted to try it out a little.  It was a bit of a whim from the closeout and seconds shop that just opened up and had some good sales, including full hydration systems for less than the price of a bladder.

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