16 August 2012

Sierra: Wallace Lake

Sequoia National Park

This is part of a nine day backpacking trip that starts here.

Locate the trail head.

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It seems to be a lovely day again, somewhere through the trees, as the sun comes up. It takes a very long time to hit us while locations across the creek where the passing ranger had indicated there are more spaces got the sun long before we did. I pack up my stuff thinking it'll be nicer to stay up at Wallace Lake where, presumably, there are three more people, but the others only plan on a day hike. We continue up the use trail, sometimes losing it but always finding it again.

granite scraped by glaciers
The rolling granite slopes of a wide glacial valley.

shallow water to the south of our route
A pond along one of the tributaries to the south of our route.

The trees vanish again as we climb. We bump into two of our party coming down. They've decided to go back by way of Sky-Blue Lake, which only one had come up by, so are heading down today to have the time. Continuing up, we come to a small lake that has a little bit of the look of a tropical paradise, and then we come to the expanse of water that is our destination, Wallace Lake.

cute little pool
A pool with just enough depth and a cute little waterfall that gives the feel of a tropical paradise, but is still quite chilly.

Wallace Lake
Wallace Lake stretching out under the granite slopes.

We meet the other new group member at Wallace Lake and relaxing and chatting starts up. I go walking around the side of the lake to take some more pictures, trying to get a better viewpoint of the waterfall that feeds it.

that lower pond again
There really is just something paradise-like about this pond below Wallace Lake.

northwest edge of Wallace Lake
The edge of Wallace Lake I hiked around, looking out in the outflow direction.

waterfall and cascade into Wallace Lake
The waterfall and cascades that flow into Wallace Lake.

I start back to the other side, poking around a little more as I go. I find a very nice camping site that would be flat and drain well and even have some shelter from wind.

grey striped flowers
Another flower, very like the purple striped ones elsewhere, that tends to be tightly closed in anticipation of coming rain.

Wallace Lake and local pond
Looking down the long length of Wallace Lake and a small pond beside it. The outflow is off to the right a bit and the inflow includes a waterfall that is just a white spot in the distance of this photo.

From the far side of the lake, it looked like the best way up to Wales Lake would be around a bit of land that separates the lakes. I decide to head that way and dump the overnight stuff from my pack, at least that that can take the water because the sky is looking threatening again. We agree on a time I should be back and I head up at a diagonal adjusting for the wrinkles of the land and directed at the low point between the two lakes. After a short climb, I find myself at a nice overlook for the lake.

Wales Lake
Wales Lake, looking out over the outflow.

Wales Lake
More cliffs behind Wales Lake, islands in the middle.

Wales Lake
The inflow is hidden behind another granite slope by some permanent snow.

I only spent a half hour getting to my vantage point over the lake. I decide to go down again by another route and circle over to the creek flowing into Wallace Lake. I get to the creek as I find I'm out of water, so sit down to pump some during which a few rain drops start to fall. I pull on pants and jacket for protection against whatever may come and finish getting water before making my way down along the flow.

Wallace Creek
High above the treeline, but it looks much like creeks with more soil around them, at least next to the water.

Wallace Creek
Cut in the rock as the creek jumps out to the waterfall.

Wallace Creek
The waterfall on Wallace Creek.

water flowing over stone
Water cascading over the big rocks.

I get down to the lake again and progress along the edge back to my pile of stuff. The raindrops don't have many friends and I pull off my jacket as I find my way. I get back to my starting point early, but it seems the couple of rain drops have chased off everyone else.

grassy area at the head of the lake
Down to the level of the lake again, the creek makes its way through a bit of meadow before adding to Wallace Lake.

rocks around Wallace Lake
A few of the rocks around the lake.

I pack up my stuff again and have to decide if I'll stay at the lake or head back to the meadow with the trees. Behind me, the sky is turning blue again, but ahead, there are still thick clouds. The lake is nice, but I'm not sure how to get my shelter up and decide to head back down. I worry that I'm heading back into rain the whole time I'm walking.

heavy clouds ahead
Just some of the heavy, dark clouds that seem to be hanging over my destination.

a bit more creek
Some more lovely meadow along the route.

I manage to go slowly enough to not get any more rain on my way down. I set up camp where the sun will hit sooner and head down to the meadow for drawing. I finally notice the waterfall just visible in the top of the trees as I finish and take off looking for it on the far side of the grass. I find it about another meadow length away cutting through the rocks beautifully. I come back along the use trail to get dinner and enjoy the sunset.

one lone pilar of alpine glow
A gap in the nearby rocks show one bit of alpine glow.

red clouds
A little bit of a sunset as the clouds break up.

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Posted 27 Aug 2012

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