18 February 2013

Black Mountain

Los Padres National Forest

Locate the site.

There wasn't really much planned for the third day of work. Really just breakfast and a general dispersal finishing with the changing of the combination. My plan was to head over to the Carrizo Plain National Monument to poke around for the day and eventually stop at Selby Campground to hike the Caliente Ridge the following day. First I had to get there. I headed out along Pozo in what should be a shortcut to east 58. It is very nice unpaved road up a lovely canyon and down and around. At some point I went north where perhaps I could have gone east and got onto the Red Hill Road, which didn't look so good. It had deep erosion cuts down it leaving perhaps enough room for a car to the right, but if not would happily swallow up my wheel. I chickened out of it and headed west instead. This road also has some annoying spots, particularly in the short stretch that it shares with an OHV route, then came to a paved road. Suspecting it would just go up and stop, I turned north and drove it, mostly up, until it stopped. There are some nice views along the way as well as a few trails. Sharing the summit of Black Mountain with a funny looking FAA site, I took in the view.

The last few twists of the road to the top of Black Mountain
The last twist of the road to the top of Black Mountain. A little weather was moving in.

the view to the east
The northeast view from the top of Black Mountain.

Then I followed the paved road back down for the very long way around to Carrizo Plane.

©2013 Valerie Norton
Posted 22 Feb 2013

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