27 March 2013

Forbush Flat return

Los Padres National Forest

Locate the trail head.

(This is day 2.  Day 1 is here.)

I watched far too much of the moon's arc across the sky but somehow woke up refreshed anyway. A little bit of breakfast and drying out the bivy that seems to have been able to breath sufficiently in the Sierras but not in the Santa Ynez and other Los Padres mountain ranges got me started on my day. The wispy clouds were replaced by puffy affairs as the chance of rain climbed from minute to tiny. I settled into some more painting.

the first light hits the large oak tree
The large oak tree seems to be the first thing to get the sun in this part of the meadow.

three large rocks and a couple trees in front of the rocky hillside
A group of large rocks hanging out with some peonies and large oaks caught my eye.

apple (or pear) blossoms
A few of the blossoms on one of the trees that has only just started.

After a bit of lunch, I finished packing up and started the short hike back up to the road above. It was probably the hottest part of the day, but wasn't all that hot.

clouds spilling over the mountains into Blue Canyon
It looks like there might be a bit of marine layer today and it is spilling over from Romero Saddle into Blue Canyon.

clouds over the distant mountains
A few more clouds decorate the landscape today.

black butterfly
A few sorts of butterflies fluttered about.

little cliffs at a sharp narrowing of the canyon
You notice different details when turned the other direction, like the cliffs that pop up near this narrow section of the canyon.

Nearing the top could have been quite warm, but a cool breeze was coming over the saddle and down the canyon.

section of trail
Trail lined with bush poppies very near the top.

At the top, I found no other cars anymore and no view but clouds down the south side of the mountain. I quickly got under these clouds for a grey view of the city on the way back down, though.

©2013 Valerie Norton
Posted 29 Mar 2013

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