11 April 2013

MYOG: lens cap retainer

I've been putting together a few bits of gear for various reasons.  I'll probably get to saying more about them when they're better tested, but I thought I'd start with the one that I didn't even really think of as some gear: a retention cord for the camera's lens cap.  I've dropped a pretty penny on a bit of heavy camera kit and expect that I would lose the lens cap within a week as it comes, so had to do something about it.  I found a cap for a Canon in Forbush, so it seems that maybe someone nearby needs a little help.

So, get hold of a bit of cord and glue.  I've got some from Michael's that comes in a dozen colors plus metallic, but went boring and grabbed black.  It's thin, tough, and not at all stretchy.  The glue is some E-6000 I picked up in a pinky sized tube for even less.  Locate a spot on the side of the lens that is far from buttons and doesn't move and cut a bit of cord to reach from it to a spot on the cap plus an inch or so extra for slack.  Dab a bit of the glue on the chosen spot on the lens and stick the cord into it, then add a bit more to cover the frayed edge.  Do the same on the other end on the cap and let it all dry.

I can just pop the cap and let it hang now.  The glue isn't showing any wear from the treatment over a few hikes and an overnight.  I've already bumped the lens twice in ways that popped the cap off.  I noticed right at the time, so presumably would not have lost the cap.  It might take me another month to get to a point where I would have lost the cap were in not connected, but it really makes the cap easier to handle.

Why doesn't the lens come with the cap tied on?  I must be missing something, but I haven't found any drawback yet.

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