01 February 2015

Mine Camp

Los Padres National Forest

Just like last year, there is trail work on Deal Trail for Super Bowl Sunday this year. I signed up for it before the Pothole Trail work, but decided I could do both. A few others did as well. This time, the work will be done on the spur trail to a campsite left off of the most recent forest map. We noted it on the way past last year, but kept on striding to the wilderness. For the work today, we all meet at the Deal Connector at 8:30AM to pick up tools and hard hats and go over the Job Hazard Analysis. Mostly, it is brushing, but we have some tread work and chain saws will be in action as we are outside the wilderness. We have stock support and they are each decked out in pendants and paint, one for each team in the game.

walking Deal Connector
Heading out on the Deal Connector to find our bit of work for the day.

It is only about a mile, slightly downhill, to get to the day's work. At first it looks like it is just a bit of trimming needed, but as we continue, things close in. While we work by hand from the start, there is a brush saw working from the camp back. When we meet, we start cleaning up the cut brush and trimming the bits that were missed. We make it to camp well timed to have lunch. The old stove setting has been pulverized and the metal from it is in pieces. The table is usable, but will collapse before too many more years. There is a big, flat rock that attracts a few for sitting. There is quite a large area for camping down under the trees. Some explore for the mine, but find little indication.

Mine Camp
Starting lunch at mine camp.

stove pieces and a little extra
Iron pieces that once made up a stove. There is also a little extra trash we found.

small bit of water in the mud bottom of the creek
While there is water here, it may not be enough to gather.

After lunch, we head back. Now that we have rested again, we are more in a mood to get everything perfect. We are aiming at passable for stock, which means 8 feet wide and 10 feet tall. If it is hanging a little bit too far, we get it. If it is maybe just a little too far into the trail, we get it. There were spots of imperfection when we started lunch, but once we finish following the trail back, it is quite obvious that this track was once a road.

mushrooms between some sandstone rocks
A few mushrooms making a living between sandstone stones.

Once perfection is achieved, at least to stock standards, we head back up the Deal Connector to the tailgating. It is Super Bowl, after all. There is one last snag along the connector that is forcing people to make new trail going around it and we cut if off on our way past.

looking toward wilderness
On the Deal Connector and looking toward the Dick Smith Wilderness just over the ridge.

©2015 Valerie Norton
Posted 5 February 2015

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Unknown said...

Fun day, great people and great turnout. Seahawks gave the game away!

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