30 March 2015

Salmon Creek Falls

Los Padres National Forest

Salmon Creek Trail climbs up to a ridge above, but the first big sight to see is just around the corner. As the trail climbs, a sign points to a spur that goes to a large waterfall. The spur is well traveled and easy to follow at first. Shortly, it starts to split and each route has its own obstacles. We end up on a route by the creek that crosses over on some random metal bars that look like a make-shift draw bridge with a rope to pull it up behind us. An easy rock hop back over places us on a bit of flat in front of the waterfall.

boulder filled trail
A trail of sorts over boulders to the waterfall, which is already visible in the bright area.

pool with small waterfall
Pools along the way.

waterfall panorama
Salmon Creek Falls.

woman behind waterfall spray
Another visitor explores behind the waterfall. She came back a little moist, but not soaked.

We clamber through holes left by the large boulders, some with flow stone coating some surfaces, back from the waterfall to find a way up. There are many ways up, as well. The route gives a few more views of the waterfall from the side.

waterfall through the trees
The views do tend to be somewhat obscured.

purple flower
Irises are blooming.

We end up going too far upstream and have to double back a little. Well established use trail continues long after where we turned back.

black and yellow millipede with rolly-polly
Millipede marching.

stalk of small white flowers that start yellow
A stalk of flowers.

serpentine rock
A bit of green serpentine rocks.

Once we find our way, it is another tight squeeze down into a cave at the top of the falls.

water heaving itself over the edge
Right at the top.

pool below
More visitors have gathered below.

stream of water falling
Little waterfalls are flowing through.

small cairns in cubbies
More flow stone here where people have set small cairns and a memorial.

highway 1 in the trees
Not far off is the curve of highway 1.

cairns and moss
People really like building cute little cairns here.

When finished looking around, we head back. There are more tight squeezes through holes in rocks to finish.

©2015 Valerie Norton
Posted 4 April 2015

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