08 January 2016

Fremont Ridge

Los Padres National Forest

I headed up the pass and over to Fremont Ridge to try out my new mountain bike in the late afternoon. It is pretty much a toy. I somehow overshot the gate and found myself at Knapp's Castle instead, so went high and took a few photos. It is nice to see a bit of snow out on Little Pine and some more distant, taller peaks. Makes one think there may be such a thing as winter, at least at 6000 feet and above.

distant snow
Just a little bit of snow up on Little Pine Mountain.

false sunset
Still nearly an hour to sunset, but there are colors over the ocean.

Santa Ynez Valley
More of the Santa Ynez Valley.

On my second pass by the gate, I did manage to notice it and stop in the parking. Someone else stopped too, which turned out to be the present owner of the castle wanting to meet his neighbors. There are a few down there. Presented with a great opportunity to ask if we will see the castle in its splendor again soon, I completely failed to ask. There is certainly activity over there, but I had seen nothing new about the area from my vantage point on the ridge.

I had forgotten how rough the road down Fremont Ridge can be. More importantly, I forgot how sandy it is. Past the first bit of hills that are mostly headed down, it gets particularly steep. It is not a good place to go trying a mountain bike after being off a bike for at least ten years. I ditched the bike by the side at the top of the last steep because I did not really want to ride it down and definitely would not be riding it up. So much for trying the bike. The walk was still nice although the camera remained stuck inside my bag.

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Posted 13 Jan 2016

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