31 January 2016


Too many big hikes or too many hikes with others, there does seem to have been a rather large break in sketches.  All excuses, there should have been more.  I should get back to something smaller than a super wide angle of the distant world once in a while, too.  When I did finally open up the dry bag, I had a nasty surprise.  Quite a lot of water had gotten in at some point.  I am pretty certain when and I should not have left the bag in the pack for that incident.  The old dry bag is a bit holed after the many years with various sketch books.  The previous sketches are damaged.  Less than I expected, more than I want.  The rest will all be a bit dirty and the ink does not sit on the paper in quite the same way now that the sizing has been washed.  It is a cookie, it has crumbled, and this is the way of it.

I took the last day of the year to wander up to San Marcos Foothills and try out a new brush pen. These dogs walked past, more interested in looking around than moving back to the car, as I got the ink flowing, but they had to be in it.

Sat for lunch with a view of the islands on Sulphur Mountain.

Another attempt to record the rockiness out on White Ledge while on a little loop.

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