31 July 2016


I got a new sketchbook after finishing the last one.  It is another Canson Field Drawing Book like I've had before and quite liked.  The last book was a little on the small side.  I still have a few pages in the watercolor book that hadn't been touched in almost a year and that got the most use.  It should have gotten a little more, but chatting and fish photography happened instead.

A falling cabin corner beside reliable Movie Stringer (my hero) after climbing Templeton Mountain.

The rest stops in Glenwood Canyon have trails and I wandered up Grizzly Creek while waiting for a space for the Hanging Lake.

First night at the flats on top of the Flat Tops.

Second night under the cliffs near the biggest of the Flat Tops.

Fourth night with a distant view of the biggest of the Flat Tops.

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