13 August 2016

Ortega Reservoir via Polo Club


The Montecito Trails Foundation maintains paths along easements and beside some roads primarily as bridal paths but also allow hikers and sometimes bicycles. Many of these follow the creeks of the area. One of the weekend hikes the Sierra Club puts on was going to follow some of these, and I decided to tag along. This one starts along one of those creek trails, then climbs past lemons and winds steeply up the side of a canyon to get to the covered reservoir. We got stories all along the way and ate some lunch at the top before returning a slightly different route. I took only a few pictures along the way.

polo ground
Starting off passing a manicured bit of grass surrounded by flowers.

audience for hiking
We are being watched by the locals. The horse seems very interested. It probably needs a scratch.

view to the rear
There is usually a good look at the mountains from somewhere along any walk.

covered reservoir and a couple houses
Just about to Ortega Reservoir. There was a guy doing a regular check on it.

©2016 Valerie Norton
Posted 16 August 2016

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