13 January 2017

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Heading up the freeway, it is often fun to play near a bridge. Out on the Marin Headlands is an excellent place to play on a very large bridge indeed. Spanning the Golden Gate in international orange is the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge
North end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The very first exit off the end of the bridge is a view point with plenty to view, although not so much the morning I was there. Winter should be a good time to take in the view. There is also a series of memorials.

direction of Alcatraz Island
Alcatraz Island is supposed to be out there somewhere.

A bit of the memorial.

And from here, one can walk across the bridge. I walked out to the high point, which was deep in fog. Some large boat was tooting at a massive volume below me and I could not see it at all. The wind was not bad, but it reached deep into my clothing and sucked out every bit of heat. Unable to see very far, cold, and with plans to complete before the end of the day, I headed back without crossing the whole bridge.

out on the bridge
The walkway is shared with bicycles going both directions until after dark when the bicycles own it.

Marin Headlands
Looking back to the Marin Headlands.

bridge vanishing in fog
Deep in the thick fog.

less foggy
A thin spot of fog passes through.

lane zipper
The lane zipper came by to even out the traffic lanes on the bridge.

directly up the tower
Looking right up the tower that marks the county line.

©2017 Valerie Norton
Posted 19 January 2017

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