20 September 2017

Mount Akawie

Angeles National Forest

San Gabriel Mountains National Monument

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There is still enough light left for something, at least for a silly little thing like Mount Akawie, AKA Buckhorn Peak. It rises a little above the campground and is most easily accessed by a road east of Cloudburst Summit and west of the picnic area. It does not seem to appear on maps and is blocked by a thin yellow gate. The spot has a huge parking area for those times when there is a grand party up on the peak, I suppose. For no good reason, I want to go up the little peak west of the main peak as well, so although the road is wide and easy and clearly the main route, I scramble upward to follow the ridge.

taller mountains through a gap
Getting high for a view, a peek at peaks east through a wide gap. They do tend to be taller over there.

In the small saddle before the little peak, there is a scattering of weathered planks. It looks rather like there was once a simple structure in the somewhat flat area. A scattering of random planks is not all that unusual. The peak itself is a rocky outcrop in the trees. It has no views except down its sides where there is quite a bit more evidence of old buildings that were less simple.

scattered wood and some foundation stuctures
Some anchors of concrete and stone and metal beside another rock outcrop down the north side of the little peak.

iron skeleton
The remains of some machinery and the structure to house it.

unnamed peak
Looking up at the unnamed little peak on the way to Akawie.

Dropping down again, there is a bit of old road passing through the saddle between the little peak and Akawie. I have no idea where it is headed, but there seems to be some hiking interest in it. A trail crosses it and starts to climb, so I follow this up to the top. The top is flat and covered with trees with more rock outcrops to form a summit block on the far side. At least I think that must be the high point over there.

not a lot to see
If you come for the view, there really is not much to be had.

Poking around for a benchmark just shows a round spot of epoxy where one has been removed. Poking around the peak area can find somewhat better viewpoints.

benchmark spot
What is left when a benchmark is removed.

more view
More view, but maybe not better. This might be a good spot for a little sunrise, though.

top of Akawie
Looking over the large, flat top of Akawie.

It looks like it might have some okay sunrises, but not so much for sunsets. I head down again, this time following the regular route along trail and eventually road. It is quite a short route.

©2017 Valerie Norton
Posted 28 September 2017

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