30 November 2012


This month, I've been challenging myself to paint or sketch a tree a day, so the hiking sketches tend to feature a tree.  I think manzanita qualifies as tree, anyway.

Some distant trees along the coast from near the Arroyo Hondo bridge.

An oak next to the closed road down the north side of the ridge while driving a 4x4 road with inappropriate wheels.

Some fall color along Piru Creek.

A dry tributary with a waterfall that spills into Piru Creek.
The tail end of fall color while exploring some more of Piru Creek.
Mission Falls, nearly as dry as usual, hiked to by way of Rattlesnake Canyon.

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David S, said...

I'm so happy that Craig R. Carey clued me into your blog. What you have here is fantastic and wonderful. I don't comment much but I want you to know this blog is great, keep up the fine work.