26 June 2014

Laurel Springs

Los Padres National Forest

Locate the trailhead.

Up at the top of the often single lane Painted Cave Road is a small trail along the hilltops to a picnic table and views out over the ocean. It is an area bursting with spots to look out over the ocean or the mountains on the other side, but this is one with a place for lunch and no car noises. It does not, however, actually visit the spring. Besides a board marked with the current fire restrictions and mysterious numbered posts hinting at once being an interpretive trail, it is unsigned.

San Marcos Ranchero area
Up a little hill from the start to peek out toward Cachuma Lake and the old San Marcos Ranchero.

A well used trail splits off early on and continues straight, but the official trail turns southward. A little trail that dwindles into animal tracks wanders off next to a post not quite a foot high with a "2" on it, already halfway to the end. A little further, and there is the table, the view, and a second post not quite a foot high with a "5" on it.

Goleta, the Hollister Ranchero area
Abbie looking out at the view next to the picnic table.

Arriving at a nice lunch spot, we have ourselves a little lunch and then return.

Broadcast Peak and Cachuma Lake
Lake Cachuma and Broadcast Peak with Camino Cielo twisting through the bottom.

windmill along Painted Cave Rd.
A windmill down by the road and somewhat near the springs, as marked on the map.

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Posted 29 June 2014

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