25 December 2014


Death Valley National Park

On the way to Ubehebe Crater, traveling the otherwise sign free roads, we came upon a crankshaft sitting upright at a junction. Assuming some of it is buried to keep it upright, a straight eight crankshaft. Off in the bushes, a pair from a V8 have also been contributed to mark the junction. We had obviously come to Crankshaft Junction.

long, thick crankshaft in the desert
We have arrived at Crankshaft Junction.  Photo by Sung Byun.

On the way from Ubehebe Crater to the Racetrack, we pass Teakettle Junction. Would we also find a tea kettle?

many tea kettles hanging from a sign
We arrive at Teakettle Junction.

Why, yes, we would. Quite a few tea kettles, in fact. The original that marked this junction is long gone, but many have been contributed to take its place. These are all dated and have messages. Only one is from 2013, the rest are 2014 and at least one comes from the other side of the planet.

©2015 Valerie Norton
Posted 8 January 2015

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