22 December 2014

Toro Ridge

Toro Canyon County Park

Locate the trailhead.

The hike up the ridge in the lesser known portion of the little known county park of Toro Canyon remains an excellent hike and I decided to force my poor mother up it. It seems I have forgotten the steepness of the start and the first half of the trail is a bit more than she is looking for, but the recent rains are making it hold together nicely under foot and it does level off eventually. We have views of the better known section of the park with its climbing rocks and picnic tables and gazebo as well as the houses above it with their palm lined driveways. All the views to the north and east are somewhat obstructed by vegetation, then we turn a corner and climb one last little bit for an unobstructed view of Carpinteria below.

Salt Marsh Preserve and Anacapa Island
Anacapa Island is its usual distinctive self out across the Salt Marsh Preserve.

Ventura Coastline
Looking down the coastline past Carpinteria and along Ventura.

I poke along the top of the ridge, but leave the rest of the trail down alone this time, while she rests on the bench, then we head back down.

northerly view
Some of the estates north of the park.

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Posted 5 January 2015

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