24 June 2015

Canyonlands National Park

Candlestick Tower Overlook

Soda Springs Basin
Looking out over Soda Springs Basin (Green River side). The Candlestick Tower is in the distance near the right hand cliffs.

Buck Canyon Overlook

Buck Canyon
Buck Canyon and Goosberry Canyon (Colorado River side).

Orange Cliffs Overlook

edge of the island
The edge of the mesa.

distant White Rim
Below, the cliffs are marked by the White Rim.

Grand View Point Overlook

more White Rim
A bit more of the White Rim below.

tall towers topped with white
Monument Basin capped with the white layer of the White Rim.

Green River Overlook

strip of water down in Stillwater Canyon
From here, we can actually see the Green River down in Stillwater Canyon.

Shafer Trail

We head out via Shaver Trail, a road following the old cattle drive trail up onto the mesa.

dirt stip climbing down the cliffs
A glance at the Shafer Trail from the Shafer Canyon Overlook.

into the canyon
Along the road checking out a blind arch ahead.

capped stone pillars
Harder rock caps let pillars form.

continuing along the river
Getting closer to the Colorado River in the lower canyon.

Island in the Sky
Leaving the park and looking back on the Island in the Sky.

Colorado River
The first view of water in the Colorado River, which includes a boat cruising down it.

Island in the Sky
And a look back at the Island in the Sky again, now including the cliffs down to the river.

a couple faces in the rock
We are always seeing faces in the rock. The lower one kept the face look nearly all the way around.

widening canyon with distant mountains visible
Continuing to make our way out of the canyons.

Needles Overlook (BLM)

canyon rim
Looking north along this far east canyon rim.

lower canyons
The canyons within the canyon.

more canyons below
More of the canyons within the larger canyon.

©2015 Valerie Norton
Posted 6 Aug 2015

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